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I write about education, women’s issues, Chicago progressive politics, and more. In Northern Ireland I followed the peace process and wrote for the San Francisco Examiner and the Chicago SunTimes, in addition to a weekly Belfast newspaper. I also specialize in company reports, brochures, web content, newsletters, as well as ghost blogging and guest commentaries. Contact me for a quote and view my portfolio by clicking the Articles tab at the top of the page.


You’ve done the research, you’ve finished the writing, and now you just want to walk away. But you need a critical eye not only to catch the odd misspelling or dangling modifier, but to spot redundancies and reword sentences for clarity. Click here for help with your thesis, dissertation, journal article, or book manuscript.



My articles have appeared in the dozens of national and international publications. My website RoadReaders features travel writing and suggested readings for the curious and literate traveler. Click on the article tab above to see a sample of my work.


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Blogging about Current (and not so current) events

This is what democracy looks like?

Since my state representative (elected last November) has accepted an appointment in the new governor's administration, it occurred to me that all three of my local representatives were appointed shortly after an election. So why did I bother to vote? I attempted to...

Total Eclipse in a time of Extreme Political Angst

According to Annie Dillard a partial eclipse bears almost no relation to a total eclipse; rather it is like the difference between kissing someone and marrying him. I didn’t quite get the analogy until I experienced one myself, and since then I’ve decided everyone...

Shootings, schools, and “values”

Over 500 people have been shot in Chicago in just four months. My teenage son casually  commented that they are picking up fast these past few weeks. Last night a 14-year-old girl shot another 14-year-old girl over a boy. When the summer comes, I'm grateful that my...