Four weeks ago I attended a candlelight vigil outside of Price Elementary School (49th and Drexel) as students and teachers  prepared to board a bus to Washington DC. They joined groups in four other cities who filed separate complaints with the Department of Education’s Office of civil rights, asking them to review the school closing policies.

It was an extremely moving experience, and one of the groups from Philadelphia caught some of the action on video (see below). In the meantime, we await Rahm’s pronouncement concerning the 80 to 120 schools that may be targeted for closing.  The issue of school closings is getting more attention around the country; last week Diane Ravitz visited Chicago and criticized Emanuel, calling the school closings destabilizing. (Listen to her full talk here.)

Thirty-two alderman signed a resolution calling for hearings on the proposed school closings. If hearings are to be held, they would be called by Ald. LaTasha Thomas (17th Ward) who chairs the Education Committee and who did not sign the resolution. No meeting has been scheduled; I emailed her last week and did not receive a response.

On November 2 a rally calling for a moratorium on school closures and charter expansion sponsored by Chicago Teacher’s Union Local 1 will take place at City Hall (LaSalle between Washington & Randolph) at 4:00 p.m.

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